Hello – thanks for stopping by.

I’m a writer and broadcaster who lives in London. Back in 1803, I studied Modern History at the University of Oxford, which was chilly – both intellectually and in terms of temperature. People I’ve worked for include BBC World Service Radio, Al Jazeera International and the Free Czechoslovak Press – many years after it was closed down.

Things I enjoy include intelligent conversations, empathy, animals, helping people and observing life. I love a good lipstick twinned with a nice pair of dress clips. Woollen socks are a great comfort between autumn and spring.

Things I detest include idiots, bigots, small mindedness, and wasps. I do not enjoy seeing our world struggle with environmental change, political thugs and deranged lunatics. Neither do I like waste.

I’d like to say ‘thank you’ to those who’ve got in touch to say they like what I do.

I write my blog for you.

Greta von Szabo