The White House is now a doll house; the lights are on, it all looks pretty, but no-one useful – or with regular size hands – is at home. Sure, everything resembles its real-world counterparts, but is completely useless in any real-world situation you care to mention.

Forget the doldrums; this is the DollDumbs. It’s the age of political abnegation of intelligence in favour of transactional expediency.

Afterall, when the World Meteorological Organisation reports that the world is now in ‘uncharted territory’ due to a rapidly warming climate, you’d hope Trump would sit up and take notice.

Global warming, they find, again, is being driven largely by emissions from human activities. Obviously, with the amount of hot air Trump’s mouth generates, one would hope he could be fitted with some kind of catalytic converter. But I fear that would still be too little, too late. The damage is done: a climate change denier occupies what is arguably the most influential job in the world for getting people to take care of the planet.

Last time we had the same levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, it was 4 million years ago. Our main worries back then were not looking like we had rocked up to a party in a monkey costume. That and the fact that our brains hadn’t yet evolved to give us the intelligence that now, supposedly, separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.


So, Trump plans to cut funding for climate change research – to silence the people who are safeguarding our environmental future. Even though the future is already knocking on his back door, with regular flooding in Florida and Miami as sea levels rise.

You know, Mr Trump, when the new roads that are being built are designed to be higher than peoples’ homes, it’s time to ask yourself the question: ‘do you feel lucky?’

Well do you, Trump?





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