Sooner or later, if you’re human, you’ll be in this situation:

Something you treasure will find you, or you will find it.

It will be in your life for an indefinite amount of time, and then at some point, you’ll have to let it go.

It’s never easy to make that transition – perhaps because we associate letting go with loss. And while loss is one way of experiencing such situations, we’re not actually learning the bigger, universal lessons if we see letting go in this way.

In my time, I’ve let go of family, friends and relationships. I’ve lost pets I adored, and people I loved.

But when I remember to look around and study what I see, I realise the movement of life that surrounds us is natural and needed. It is a universal rhythm that causes loved ones to enter and to exit. It is life’s ancient dynamic; just as we cannot have spring without autumn, we cannot have greeting without departure.

The important thing for anyone who finds themselves having to let go is to ask what you have learned from the person – or pet – in your life.

Did you love more wildly or bravely, or deeply?

Did you glimpse quiet secrets of the world?

Did you dream, were you comforted, did you laugh?

Were there hard lessons you needed to learn?

When you understand the purpose behind shared experience, you’ll realise that loss is an illusion. We can only be lost to ourselves in this life – not to others. Because we are, after all, only pilgrims passing through.

I dedicate this to anyone who has lost someone they loved this week.

© 2016 Gvons



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