Watching Donald Trump speak, I feel that I’m looking at two separate entities – there’s Donald and there are His Hands.

Those babies have a character of their own, let me tell you. And they’ve put so much work into this election campaign that I hope they’re getting a pension, healthcare and a lie down at the end of it all. Whether they’re flying out to point at the audience, balling themselves into fists, pointing to heaven – just like ISIS leaders – or pressing the index and thumb together, they are tireless in their pursuit of their mission.

Donald’s hands move a lot outside the contours of his body. Psychologists tell us that hands that do this point to (#pun) a chaotic, out of control type person. In fact, Donald’s hands have made me suspect that he is indeed winging it. Up there on the podium, he’s going with the flow big time. Those hands aren’t guided by policy; they’re reflecting Donald’s street luge approach to electioneering.

Those sweeping, swooping, crowd-pleasing arcs his hands keep drawing, fill me with fear. If you study history, you’ll have a crawling sense of familiarity about them. Pol Pot used to do a lot of that stuff with his hands. So did Stalin. So did Hitler. But I’m not making the comparisons you may think.

My point is that his hand movements demonstrate that he is emotionally subsumed in what he is saying – to the absolute exclusion of Other Opinion. That is the thing that makes him a dangerous man. Because our national leaders live in an age where they cannot afford to be led and driven by their emotions. They cannot afford to wing it either. Our times are too dangerous, too fraught with awful possibility.

Please, America, don’t elect Donald.

The bitter irony is that the very people who might elect him are not the ones reading this blog.

© Greta von Szabo 2016


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