1. Staring at things saying ‘for fuck sake’ won’t get them packed.
  2. After a while you can recognise the different brands of packing tape by taste.
  3. Describing to others – the things you love ‘come with you’, as opposed to things you have no attachment to, which you ‘pack.’
  4. Ten neighbours know I’m moving; I told only one.
  5. A place you have loved holds you, even as you move away.
  6. Possessions and personal identity; Yin and Yang.
  7. Fingers remember now to move more carefully over sharp cardboard edges.
  8. I see the dovetail joints of antique drawers still holding strong; these will outlive me.
  9. When the cherry blossoms return, this will have passed.
  10. A friend offered to give up a day of work to help me move; to have friends like this is to be rich.

‘The old house

A leaf blows by











2 thoughts on “Zen and the art of moving house

    • Tippy, thanks so much for your comment. Moving is difficult – both emotionally and financially, you’re so right. But sometimes it can be worth gritting going through a small amount of moving pain to come out – hopefully – happier on the other side?
      Bedbugs suck. 😦 I really hope you find your way out of there soon.

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