Hi Greta

Can I ask you about loneliness?

As a writer you must get lonely all the time. I’m a writer too and I find it difficult. How do you cope?


Hello , thanks for your message.

With varying degrees of success, and some days not without a stiff drink and a ciggie.

I agree, being a writer is one of the most solitary things you can do in life; it can make being a Trappist Monk look like a relaxing break.

The thing that helps me is reminding myself that ‘I chose this’.

Recognise that you became a writer because you had no choice. In my experience, if people can choose whether they write or not, they usually choose some other career or occupation. Writers are compulsive; they write because they must. Learn to be at peace with that.

Writing is hard for many reasons – and loneliness is among them. But no one climbs Everest because it’s easy; same with the Way of the Words.

Nurture yourself into being sensible about how you live each day. When you can, get out and break up your routine so you’re not fermenting in a chair in a room by yourself.

Writers must live life – many lives if they can – in order to have something to write about. Make it your mission to get out into the world.

Lastly, ‘lonely’ is a comparative word. I’m guessing you’re comparing what you do to how friends and family live their lives. Don’t look over your shoulder, my friend, it never helps. Your life cannot be compared to anyone else’s; we each have different paths to walk. And that’s what makes it all so interesting.

Yours aye





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